Mobility SECTOR

Authentication is a critical aspect of enterprise mobility, as it ensures that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive company resources. In the mobility sector, authentication can be used to control access to physical locations, computer systems, and digital platforms.

Authentication for Enterprises

Authentication is essential for enterprises to ensure the security of their systems and data. It involves verifying the identity of a user or device attempting to access a network or application. There are several methods of authentication, including passwords, smart cards, key fobs, and biometrics. Enterprises often use multi-factor authentication to provide stronger security.

Moby.ID Key Fob

Moby.ID Key Fob is a physical device used for two-factor authentication. It generates a unique, one-time code that a user enters along with their username and password to access a system or application. It provides an additional layer of security, as it requires physical possession of the device to generate the code, making it more difficult for unauthorized users to gain access.

Moby.ID Key Fob

WFM-platform FORapp is a cloud-based workforce management platform that provides tools for managing employee schedules, time and attendance, payroll, and more. It includes features such as shift scheduling, time tracking, and reporting, which can help businesses improve their operational efficiency and reduce labor costs.


Crypto USB Token


Mobile Working

Mobile working involves employees performing their job duties outside of the traditional office setting, often using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Moby.ID Key Fob can be used for secure access to mobile work applications through two-factor authentication. Additionally, authentication methods such as smart cards, key fobs, and biometrics can be used to ensure secure access to company systems and data for mobile workers.

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Universal WFM platform

Universal WFM platform for digital data collection and remote work control . This is FORapp. 
FORapp is an innovative and advanced Workforce Management (WFM) platform that is designed to make digital data collection and remote work control easier and more efficient for businesses of all sizes. This cutting-edge platform provides a range of features that help businesses manage their workforce and streamline their operations.

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Moby.ID Key Fob

The key fob provides an additional layer of security, as it requires physical possession of the device to generate the code, making it more difficult for unauthorized users to gain access. Moby.ID Key Fob can be used in various industries such as finance, healthcare, and government to provide secure access to sensitive information:

  • One device for all your access needs

    Same device for both physical and logical access control. Can be customized with further applications based on JavaCard technology, such as payment or ticketing.

  • Convenient and secure

    The built-in fingerprint biometrics controller allows user confirmations with one simple touch for quick, easy and secure online transactions. High-performance sensor allows easy fingerprint enrolment and fast fingerprint recognition.

  • Support of NFC, BLE and USB

    Seamless communication through USB, NFC and BLE for different use cases and transaction channels.

  • Multi user and broad platform support

    Several users can share one device with the support of several fingerprint templates stored on the chip. With multi-pairing support, the device can be connected and used on several platforms at the same time, such as desktop/laptop PC, workstation, tablet/smartphone or smart machine.

  • Easy plug and play setup

    Can be easily setup and managed by dedicated Mobile App. Compatible to many physical access control standards. Can be used right away on any FIDO enabled browser or system out of the box. The companion middleware allows seamless integration into your business applications.

For enterprises, the difficulties that can be overcome with the Moby.ID Key Fob involve the secure integration of all different employee devices and applications into their network. Existing solutions like company badges do not work on mobiles and are not easy to handle from an enterprise and employee viewpoint.

Enabling seamless and secure digital payment solutions

Unlock new experiences with seamless and secure digital payments.

Contactless ticketing and automatic face collection (AFC)
offer a superior passenger experience to traditional paperticket systems that cause bottlenecks and require intensive
and costly maintenance.

Our current contactless product portfolio includes contactless cards and other form factors. GCS offers a wide variety of card materials in addition to various standard contactless technologies like Mifare, Cipurse, Calypso and proprietary technologies.

GCS enables transport authorities to provide secure mobility solutions for seamless travel. Our offering encompass hardware-software based security, an end-to-end mobile ticketing solution and personalization services.

Going mobile - transport authorities have to adapt to changing consumer expectations and bring contactless ticketing to the next level. GCS makes a mobile ticket secure and compatible with all mobile devices and supporting all common operating systems:
● Providing applications for additional customer services like
mobile app, ticket information, ticket shop
● Securing the ticketing process end-to-end

The onboarding and registration process of new customers is a very important step in the customer relationship journey. This process should be easy, fast, secure and simply create a great user experience.

Regulatory needs require flexible answers to build compliant yet cost efficient processes to onboard new customers in a convenient way. GCS digital identification solution provides flexible, intuitive, and customer-friendly identification solutions based on a single platform. It can easily be integrated into current processes to offer a seamless customer experience while reducing the risk of fraud.

IoT offers new opportunities for transit and infrastructure providers. Public transport will be at the centre of the further development to a mobility platform and even a smart city. IoT has the potential to transform the transport industry by changing how transportation systems gather and analyze data and information.

With IoT transit authorities can offer new use cases and are able to improve traveler experience, increase safety, optimize operational performance, and save costs. GCS eSIM management solutions are the enabler of IoT business models. They allow transit authorities to manage millions of hardware devices in the field efficiently on new use cases and innovative services and applications, i.e. ticket machines, bike/vehicle sharing, control devices, switches etc.